What is the Best Season to Visit Peru?

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Deciding on the best season to visit Peru depends on the destinations and activities you have in mind, as much as it does the weather.

Ask yourself if you are more concerned about pleasant weather or extreme levels of tourists? Where do you want to go – to the jungle, coast or highlands?

The best time to visit Peru weather-wise can be all year round, depending on the answers to the aforementioned questions.

From visiting the capital of Lima to exploring the ancient citadel Machu Picchu to cruising along the Amazon River, the opportunities for adventure vary greatly in the Land of the Incas, as do the climates.

In the following sections, we will outline the best time to visit Peru according to specific destinations – highlands, coast or jungle – you plan on visiting in the country. Let’s go!

The Best Season to Travel to Peru for Machu Picchu

The Inca citadel, located in the Cusco Region, is one of the most popular attractions of the geographically-rich South American country. So, naturally one will ask when is the best season to visit Machu Picchu?

In order to see the ruins in all of their might, traveling from May to October will give tourists the best chance of doing just that. The dry season runs along these months, allowing one to stay dry in the cooler temperatures.

However, if you’d like to avoid the crowds, aim for late April to early May to catch the end of the rainy season or the beginning of November just before rainy season. Rainy season (Nov-April) can possibly some travel plans but is the best time to enjoy life in the Sacred Valley without the crowds.

Nevertheless, there’s more to get out of the Machu Picchu experience than just the amazing view at the top (which is surely enough to please many). The famous Inca Trail is something that has to be enjoyed by those looking for a truly unique experience.

Those who wish to embark on this four-day trek are advised to do so during dry season. A hike like that wouldn’t be as enjoyable under the barrage of rainfall and the thousands of slick stairs. In February, it is closed due to dangers caused by the rainy season.

Paragliding in Lima. Photo: Pixabay

The Best Months to Visit Peru’s Capital

Peru experiences the warmer season from November through April, which is the best time to visit Peru’s capital, Lima.

While an individual will certainly prefer cooler temps while trekking the impeccable Machu Picchu, the summer months are going to be preferred when visiting coastal cities like the capital.

With temperatures ranging from 70-90°F (with intense humidity) in Lima, visitors can visit ancient ruins and museums by day and walk the malecón or do paragliding during sunset.

As the largest city in the country, Lima is full of as manygreat gastronomical options – such as cevicherias – as it is cultural and historical experiences, including the infamous Larco Museum.

Since most visitors are so keen to fly to Cusco, they don’t get the most out of the capital city. Dig deeper by choosing a Peru vacation package with ample time allowed to explore both.

The Best Time to Visit the Peruvian Amazon

More than half of the country is covered by the Amazonian rainforest, and going to the Amazon feels like traveling to another planet. There is nothing quite like it.

The Amazon River’s water level dictates the activities available for tourists during that season, making it essential for you to check the season before booking tours.

During the high-water season (December-March), more flora and fauna are visible, which makes it an excellent time for embarking on an Amazon river cruise, canoeing and swimming alongside pink river dolphins.

From April-November, or low-water season, you can more easily traverse throughout the brushes of the virgin Amazon on foot, even visiting indigenous populations who call the jungle their home.

In sum, the best time of year to visit Peru is completely up to you! Regardless of when you decide to go, visiting the Land of the Incas is well worth every minute and will be an adventure you will never forget. Just be sure to check out these 10 travel tips before you pack your bags.

This article has been revised and updated from its original publication on October 29, 2019.

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