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Frequently Asked Questions

The below answers have been updated with current information as of October 13, 2022.

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COVID-19 Updates

What are the current COVID-19 protocols for international arrival?

Non-resident foreigners whose final destination is the national territory, as passengers and regardless of the country of origin, must present proof of being fully vaccinated according to the schedule of their country of origin.

  • For passengers who have not been vaccinated or have not been fully vaccinated, they can present a negative molecular test with a result date of no more than 48 hours before boarding at their point of origin.
  • Children under 12 years of age only need to be asymptomatic to board. 
  • Peruvians and resident foreigners between the ages of 12 and 17 must prove that they have applied the first and second dose of vaccination against COVID-19 in Peru or abroad.
  • Travelers no longer have to fill out the Fill out the Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization.
  • Travelers must wear a KN95 or N95  mask  (no valve) or two surgical masks
  • Fill out the Migratory Control Pre-Registration on the Migrations APP

What are the requirements for departure?

  • - Only travelers with no symptoms will be allowed to board the plane.
  • - Fill out the Migratory Control Pre-Registration on the Migrations APP
  • - If COVID tests are required to access the new destination, we can make the necessary arrangements with private labs that offer this service.

What are the requirements for domestic flights?

  • - If the passenger is over 12 years of age, their Certification of full vaccination doses is required to travel.
  • - The booster shot certificate will only be required when passenger is a Peruvian resident over 18 years of age.
  • - Children under 12 years of age only need to be asymptomatic to board.
  • - If vaccination requirements corresponding to the traveler’s age group are not complied,  they must present a Negative PCR Test Result issued within 48 hours prior to boarding.
  • - Travelers must wear double mask, or a KN95/ N95  mask  (no valve) at all times.

Other travel connsiderations?

  • - To board trains to Machu Picchu, the passenger will require wearing a double mask during the entire ride. 

What are the measures taken in public spaces?

  • - Peru recently lifted the measure of mandatory face mask use in public spaces.
  • - People over 18 years of age will be required to present their vaccination certification when entering commercial spaces (restaurants, malls, museums, etc.), that proves full dosage. Booster shot certification will only be required for residents in Peru. 
  • - No curfews nationwide. 
  • - No capacity limit in establishments.