Juan Carlos Ancco - Tour Guide

Juan Carlos Ancco

Tour Guide


My name is Juan Carlos, I am from Cusco, I am 32 years old, I studied tourism at the University of Cusco, I worked as a park ranger in national parks. Since 2013 I work in tourism. I started as host, tour leader and now I’m working as tour guide.

Since I was a child my interests have always been the flora and fauna, history and local tales, especially of the Inkas. Living in my grandmother’s community, I learned ancient customs and now I am happy to share it with the whole world.

I speak Quechua (language of the Inkas), Spanish, English and German that I learned at the Peruvian-German cultural center.

I am very enthusiastic and proactive. I like bird watching, hiking in the mountains and interacting with local people. I love working as ambassador of the Peruvian culture. Thank you

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